image of COVID 19 at home test

COVID Test Kits: known address issue

The US Government's COVID-19 test kit online order site was launched this week. This system is linked to the United States Postal Services addressing system, and is currently experiencing issues with handling residential complexes, which includes University housing. The system is currently only allowing one order per address.

This issue was just brought to the University's attention, and staff have consulted with USPS and were informed that USPS is working on resolving the issue but were not able to provide an estimated time for resolution. If you are attempting to order a test kit, be sure to utilize the proper mailing address for on-campus housing. If the system indicates that a kit has been ordered, you should wait a few days to try again (we will post an update if we are provided information about a resolution). You may also complete a service request with USPS at or contacting the USPS Help Desk at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

Students may use University-provided on-site testing as well as ordering tests from the University.