The Housing and Food Services room and board rates are approved annually by the Board of Trustees. To make a room and board payment, visit the Bursar.

To view rates, click on the academic year or session below. Availability of specific room types may vary by semester.

Rates for 2022-2023
Housing Option Building Type Room Type Occupancy Fall Spring
Wayne Lammie Hall Apartments Double 2 $3,687 $3,687
Wayne Lammie Hall Apartments Single 1 $4,477 $4,477
Nittany II Apartments Double 2 $3,322 $3,322
Nittany II Apartments Single 1 $4,357 $4,357
Nittany III Apartments Double 2 $3,322 $3,322
Nittany III Apartments Single 1 $4,357 $4,357
Nittany IV Apartments Double 2 $3,322 $3,322
Nittany IV Apartments Single 1 $4,357 $4,357
Nittany V Apartments Double 2 $3,933 $3,933
Nittany V Apartments Single 1 $4,554 $4,554

Rates per person, per semester. Rates include utilities.

LiveOn Student Success Grant

The LiveOn Student Success Grant is a unique student financial aid funding opportunity supported by Penn State Housing and Food Services (HFS) to assure student undergraduate academic success, persistence to undergraduate degree completion, and address potential housing and food insecurities throughout a student’s four-year academic career.