Lions Gate Apartments

Lions Gate, newly constructed student apartments, offers comfortable and modern student housing conveniently located close to campus. Each apartment offers two or three double-occupancy bedrooms, a full bathroom with separate vanity and shower/toilet areas, a living room and a full kitchen. Being a resident student gives you the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit campus community where you'll get a taste of living on your own while benefiting from the support of Housing and Residence Life staff who are committed to providing a safe, secure, and comfortable living experience.

Building Type


Room Types

Apartment 2 Bedroom/4 Person, Apartment 3 Bedroom/4 Person, Apartment 3 Bedroom/6 Person

Living Arrangements

First-Year Students, Upperclass Students

Building Amenities

Air Conditioning
Computer Lab
Study Lounge



Apartment Amenities

Coffee Table
Full Refrigerator
Kitchen Table & Chairs
Personal / En Suite Bathroom



Room Furnishings

Adjustable Height Bed (30-36")
Desk Chair
Moveable Furniture
Trash Can
Vinyl Plank / Laminate Flooring
XL Twin Mattress (80")

Room Diagrams

Room & Furnishing Dimensions

Room & Furnishing Dimensions
Item Length Width Height
Bedroom 15' 5" 10' 6"  
Bed 7' 6" 3' 3'
Desk 3' 2' 5"  
Dresser 2' 5"   1' 9"
Nightstand 1' 10" 1' 6"  
Wardrobe 4' 2"   6' 6"
Window   4' 6' 2"
Bathroom 10' 1" 7' 8"  
Sink   2' 6"  
Shower   3' 3" 6' 10"


Living Learning Communities

illustration of stick figures holding hands on globe

The Global Village at Lions Gate

Curious about other cultures and traditions? Want to learn how to connect with others whose language and customs differ from yours? The Global Village at Lions Gate is an SLO designed for both international and domestic students who reside in Lions Gate Apartments at Penn State Abington. Students living in this community will engage with peers from different countries in a variety of ways including international and domestic roommate pairing, Resident Assistant and Professional Staff guided programming, and community explorations. The Global Village at Lions Gate is geared toward students who want to learn more about their own cultures, who they are as members of a diverse community at Lions Gate and Penn State Abington, and how they relate to others from different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. 

To request assignment to the Global Village at Lions Gate, please complete our application. For questions about the Global Village SLO, contact [email protected] or (267) 633-3732.


Rates for 2024-2025
Residence Hall Room Type Occupancy Fall Spring
Lions Gate Apartments Double Occupancy Bedroom 6 (max) $5,068 $5,068
Lions Gate Apartments Single Occupancy Bedroom 4 (max) $5,763 $5,763
Rates for 2023-2024
Residence Hall Room Type Occupancy Fall Spring
Lions Gate Apartments Double Occupancy Bedroom 6 (max) $4,956 $4,956
Lions Gate Apartments Single Occupancy Bedroom 4 (max) $5,636 $5,636

Meet Our Staff

Photo of Elizabeth Kearns

Elizabeth Kearns

Director, Housing and Food Services
Photo of Natalie McCrea

Natalie McCrea

Staff Images

Keisha Johnson

Director, Residence Life
Staff Images

Venita McGuire

Residence Life Coordinator
Jose Garcia Cintora

Jose Garcia Cintora


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Housing FAQs



How do I choose a space and accept the HFS Contract?

Current students who receive an email with the invitation offer:

  • If you receive an invitation, log on to and select “View Invitation” under My Contracts. 
  • Select your invitation to view all housing options. Not all options may be available based on when you are invited into the process. 
  • Select the housing option you desire and click ‘Continue’. 
  • Add a friend’s Penn State Access ID who you want to receive a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract offer and click ‘Continue’. It's not required to add a friend, and not all housing options allow for a roommate. 
  • Review your selection and click ‘Create Contract’ to be offered the HFS Contract for your selected housing option.
    • If a roommate was listed, this student will also be offered the HFS Contract. 
  • To accept the HFS Contract offer, select the Shopping Cart icon and view the offer. 
  • Click the ‘Begin Acceptance Process’ button to view and read the HFS Contract and Terms, Conditions, and Regulations (TCRs).  Check mark the box to indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the TCRs.  Type your name to electronically sign the HFS Contract. Click the ‘Accept Contract’ button.  All done!

You are not obligated to live on campus until you accept the HFS Contract; once accepted, the HFS Contract cannot be cancelled (unless you are no longer enrolled at Penn State).

What is Online Room Selection?

Online Room Selection (or self-assigning) is an option for current students and select first-year groups to log on to eLiving and choose the specific room in which they'd like to live. This option may not be offered to all groups or at every campus; students who are not able to participate in Online Room Selection enter contract preferences and are assigned by staff.

Timelines for Online Room Selection vary but usually occur in mid-spring for the fall semester. A second selection period may be offered in early summer if additional housing options become available.

Students who are able to participate in Online Room Selection will receive an email reminder with more detailed instructions before their selection period begins. Selection periods are also found in the Contract Summary in eLiving and posted online.

View Online Room Selection dates for your campus.

Request Process

Are incoming first-year students eligible to Request Housing in eLiving?

No, the Request Housing process in eLiving is specific to current first-year and upperclass students. Incoming first-year and transfer students can choose on-campus housing, if available, when they accept their offer of admission through MyPennState or can add their name to the On-Campus Housing Waitlist afterward. Find out more information about the incoming first-year process.


I accepted an HFS Contract, but I want to live in another housing option. What can I do?

If you are interested in another housing option, you can add your name to one Housing Option Waitlist in eLiving once they are available. Adding your name to a Waitlist does not guarantee that you’ll be reassigned to that housing option. Waitlists may not be available for all housing options.

What is a Waitlist?

There are two types of Waitlists:

  • On-Campus Housing Waitlist is for students who did not participate in the Request Process and want to live on campus
  • Housing Option Waitlists display after a student accepts a HFS Contract and is interested in another housing option (such as a Living Learning Community, single room, etc.)

When you log on to eLiving and choose Waitlist from the Contracts menu, you will see the appropriate Waitlists based on your campus and contract status.

Students who have an accepted HFS Contract are eligible to enter only one Housing Option Waitlist. As staff processes cancellations and vacancies occur, we will move students from the Waitlist into that specific housing option.

For example: I have an accepted double room, traditional residence hall HFS Contract. I’m interested in a suite, so I add my name to the Nittany Hall Suites Waitlist. When a suite is available for me, staff will move me to a suite option. If online room selection is available to me, I'll be able to choose a suite instead of a traditional residence hall.

You can remove your name from a Waitlist at any time by unchecking the box of the Waitlist you'd previously selected.



Do upperclass students also live on campus?

Yes! All residential campuses welcome students to live on campus beyond their first year. Many students find the greatest convenience is saving time – to and from classes, activities, events, clubs/organizations, recreation and study, meetings, common and green spaces, dining, bookstore, project collaboration, faculty offices, and so much more! We do have space for you to #LiveOn. There are also many Living Learning Communities (LLCs) created especially for you!

Students will need to Request Housing during the housing process timeline. 

Where can I pick up my mail and packages?

Mailboxes are located near the Housing and Food Services Office; packages can be picked up at the desk in the lobby 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please be prepared to show your id+ Card or mobile credential.

When you receive a package and it's ready for pick-up, you'll receive an email from eLiving saying that a package is waiting for you. Please wait until you receive this email before trying to pick up a package; additional processing time is required once packages are dropped off from the shipper.


Request Process

When can I request housing?

For the 2021-2022 academic year, students can Request Housing beginning October 15 through at least January 31. The Request Period will be extended if upperclass space is still available.