Enhanced technology and an updated design through the id+ card will change how the Penn State community accesses resources and interacts with the University. Credit: Steve Tressler. All Rights Reserved.

Penn State launching new id+ card with updated design, enhanced digital features

Penn State is launching a new id+ card to advance the University’s digital campus initiative in support of One Penn State 2025. The new campus card will have an updated design and several new contactless features that create a user-friendly digital experience for the Penn State community. 

“Campus life is changing for students in higher education,” said John Papazoglou, associate vice president for Auxiliary and Business Services. “The updated campus card will help Penn State create a secure, seamless digital campus experience for the 21st century.” 

Enhanced features of the new campus card align with modern-day usage and payment trends, allowing for faster, encrypted transactions using Penn State meal plans, LionCash, and door access. Cardholders will be able to use the cards on campus and at businesses where they are accepted. Penn State will continue to implement new card readers with contactless features. Readers with the same contactless symbol shown on the back of the new id+ card will provide contactless payments and access. 

“One of the card’s great new features has to do with credentialing,” said Papazoglou. “Students will be able to use their id+ cards to open digital locks and tap to pay for purchases. This new contactless technology adds convenience and additional safety for our students. It’s all a part of being a student-centric University.” 

Incoming students and new employees will be the first groups to receive the new id+ card. The university plans a re-carding process for all current students, faculty, and staff. The re-carding process will be announced as the implementation dates are confirmed. 

Elements of the digital campus initiative also are being used to broaden advocacy and support efforts at Penn State. 

“Equity, inclusion, and belonging have also been important parts of this project,” said Brian Patchcoski, assistant vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Penn State Student Affairs. “The new id+ card design reflects recent updates to AD 84: Chosen Identity Policy, which allows the campus community to utilize their chosen and preferred name rather than their legal name to ultimately be who they need to be in and across the Penn State community. The card also features a variety of resources that our Penn State community members may utilize in furthering our collective support and community engagement while also uplifting a key symbol of pride in our community — the Nittany Lion.” 

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