Contract Signing Statements

This Housing and Food Service Contract (“HFS Contract”), made effective on the date of signature below, is a legally binding agreement between The Pennsylvania State University (“University”), a state-related institution and instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania subject to the Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation laws and the above-named individual (“Student”) for an assignment in University-owned residential spaces (“University housing”).

1.    Term. The Term of this HFS Contract is for the academic semesters identified in the HFS Contract offer. Specified dates for occupancy during the academic semesters will be finalized and posted at no less than six weeks before the contract term begins. Students may not occupy their assigned housing during the official University closures for fall break (late November), winter break (late December/early January) and spring break (early March). Specific dates for such closures can be found on the LiveOn website.

2.    Eligibility. To be eligible for residence in University housing, the student must be scheduled for courses as a degree-seeking student and at least 16 years of age during the period of occupancy. Non-degree-seeking students will be eligible for residence only as space allows.

3.    Campus Meal Plan Required. All students living in University Housing are required to purchase the Campus Meal Plan for each semester/session that the student resides on campus, unless an exemption is granted. For more information about the Campus Meal Plan, please visit the LiveOn website.

4.    Rates and Payment for Housing and Campus Meal Plan. In consideration for an assignment in University housing and a Campus Meal Plan, the student agrees to pay the University the rates specified for the student's assigned housing and selected Campus Meal Plan, as announced, or as they may be adjusted by, the Board of Trustees for The Pennsylvania State University. Housing and food rates are finalized by late March and available at For purposes of guidance only, previous rates for housing and Campus Meal Plans can be found on this site. Payment will be made in accordance with the University billing schedule established by the Bursar at

5.    Terms, Conditions and Regulations (“TCRs”). Every academic year, the University publishes the “Terms, Conditions and Regulations of the University Housing and Food Service Contract” (hereinafter referred to as “TCRs”), which is a document that details additional terms to the HFS Contract as well as rules and regulations on use of University housing. The student acknowledges their understanding that TCRs is a legally binding adjunct document that is hereby incorporated into the HFS Contract. The student acknowledges and agrees to read and abide by the TCRs as if it was directly included in the HFS Contract. TCRs are available at

6.    Housing Assignment. The student understands that the housing assignment preferences provided to the University are not binding and that the University does not guarantee the assignment of a particular residence hall or room, or assignment of a particular roommate. The University reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make all assignments and any assignment changes considered necessary during the HFS Contract Term. The student also understands that in order for the University to accommodate occupancy overflow, the student may be assigned to supplemental housing. Supplemental housing is comprised of non-traditional living spaces (e. g., residence hall lounges) that are converted into permanent living spaces. For more information on supplemental housing please visit

1.    Housing Accommodations Request: If a student has a disability that may require a reasonable accommodation, the student understands that he or she may submit a Request for Reasonable Accommodation in Housing Form and submit it to the Housing and Food Services Office in accordance with the University established deadlines. For more information on Housing Accommodations, please visit
2.    Meals Accommodation Request: A student who has a special dietary requirement which cannot be fulfilled by individual selection from the food court menu choices can work with the University's Registered Dietitian's office. If the University is unable to provide reasonable accommodations (including housing reassignment), the student may be exempted from the Campus Meal Plan in accordance with the procedures provided in the TCRs.
3.    Roommates: The student understands that unless a mutual roommate request is made, the University will randomly match students to reside together. Even if a mutual roommate request is made, there is no guarantee of an assignment with a specific individual. The student acknowledges and understands the process and timeline for submitting a roommate request and how requests will be handled by the Housing and Food Services Office as outlined at
4.    Vacancies: If a vacancy exists in a room, the University reserves the right to assign a student to that space without notice to the current occupant. The current occupant cannot refuse a roommate being assigned to the space.

7.    Financial Statement. The student authorizes University to apply any financial aid received toward charges assessed to the student account. University may continue to apply student aid funds for this purpose until the student rescinds this authorization, which may be done at any time by contacting the Office of the Bursar.

8.    Meningococcal Vaccination Statement. The student understands that all University students residing in University housing are required to comply with the Pennsylvania College and University Vaccination Act. This Act requires that students be vaccinated against meningococcal disease or qualify for an exemption. By accepting the HFS Contract, the student confirms that he or she is aware of the requirements, which can be found at, and will be in compliance prior to arrival.

9.    Housing Deposit. The student understands that the $100 Housing Deposit submitted with the acceptance of offer of admission to the University will not be refunded to the student if the student does not enroll and attend the University. If the student attends the University, the housing deposit will be applied to the student account as a $100 credit for the room charge. The $100 credit cannot be applied to other charges on the student's account. The housing deposit will not be refunded if the student makes the choice to change the campus of registration and does not live in University Housing where housing and food charges are applied to the student's LionPATH account.

10.    Liability and Insurance. The student agrees to hold the University and its agents and employees harmless from all damage, injury, liability, or loss sustained by the student or others in the student’s room that results from the negligent or intentional misuse of the room by the student or others in the room. The student also agrees to release and hold harmless the University and its employees for any liability for loss, theft, or damage to personal property of the student in any University housing, including parking lots. The student is encouraged to maintain their own appropriate insurance coverage for personal property.

11.    Contract Cancellation or Release.

1.    Failure to Enroll. The HFS Contract may be cancelled if the student does not attend or enroll at the University during the term of the HFS Contract.
2.    Extreme Circumstances. A student may submit a request for a release from the HFS Contract for an extreme circumstance. An extreme circumstance is defined as a situation that has developed since the student accepted the HFS Contract, as related to a financial situation, marriage, or medical/psychological concerns. The student is required to complete the HFS Contract Release Request form and provide documentation to substantiate the request and show the change in the student's circumstances. The HFS Contract Release Request will be reviewed by a University Committee that consists of staff from the Housing and Food Services Office, Housing Operations, and Residence Life. The committee will determine if the request warrants a release. If a student is released from the HFS Contract under this provision for the HFS Contract period term(s), the student could have a penalty fee applied to the student's LionPATH account, based on the date the request was submitted for consideration, as identified in the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations.
3.    Withdrawal or Academic Drop. If a student withdraws from the University, submits a leave of absence, or is academically suspended by the University, the student is no longer eligible to live in University Housing. For withdrawals and leave of absence, the student is responsible for following University guidelines so that the student's LionPATH account is updated and all classes are cancelled. The student's HFS Contract will be cancelled and housing and food charges/refunds will be based on the guidelines indicated in the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations.   
4.    Transfer of Obligation. The University may release the student from the HFS Contract if the student is able to successfully transfer this HFS Contract to another eligible student in accordance with the procedures and regulations delineated in the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations, within the timeframe specified by the University.
5.    University-Sanctioned Academic Activity. The University may release the student from the HFS Contract if the student submits a timely Contract Cancellation Request based on a University-sanctioned academic activity that will require the student to be away from campus (e.g., practicum, study abroad, internship).

12.    Contract Termination by the University. The University may terminate the HFS Contract and require the Student to vacate University housing if the Student: (1) does not meet the eligibility requirements; (2) violates any term or condition of this Contract, the Student Code of Conduct, or any other University rule, regulation, or policy; (3) fails to satisfy in a timely manner all financial obligations to the University; (4) engages in conduct that disregards the rights of other residents, jeopardizes the health, safety, and/or well-being of themselves or other residents, or otherwise disrupts the housing environment; or, (5) engages in conduct or it comes to light that the Student has engaged in conduct (including prior criminal records) indicating a potential threat or danger to the Student or any member of the University community. In certain circumstances, the student may be entitled to a fair and equitable hearing by the Senior Director of Residence Life prior to termination. In the event of termination, Student is liable for Housing and Campus Meal Plan charges incurred through the date of termination and for any other damages or losses resulting from the student’s violation of the HFS Contract.