skyline view of a residence hall
Change of Campus Students:

LiveOn with us for 2023-2024

Students considering a Change of Campus to University Park are eligible to LiveOn! Students should follow the Change of Campus guidelines to ensure that their request for a campus change is successful. 

If you are interested in living on campus, you may participate in the LiveOn Housing Process for current students during the established LiveOn Housing Process Timeline.

It is highly recommended that you Request Housing for both your current campus of enrollment (if applicable) and your expected Change of Campus. When you receive your invitations, you can select a housing option and create/accept the HFS Contract, even if your Change of Campus has not yet been approved. Once it is determined which campus you will attend, it is your responsibility to cancel the HFS Contract for the campus you will not be attending by contacting the Housing Assignment Office. There is no penalty to cancel a HFS Contract at the campus you are not attending.

For students considering a Change of Campus to University Park, there are different housing options available that can be requested. Various housing options have different time periods for when the HFS Contracts are offered, so be sure to review the LiveOn Housing Process Timeline to ensure that you Request Housing by the deadline. 

Housing space is not reserved for students requesting a Change of Campus. If you do not participate in the housing process during the established LiveOn Housing Process Timeline, and you do not have a HFS Contract, you may add your name to the On-Campus Housing Waitlist, available in eLiving. There is no guarantee you will receive a HFS Contract offer, although all students on the Waitlist have received an offer during recent years.

All students who Request Housing will receive an invitation; receiving an invitation for a campus that is not your current campus of enrollment, does not imply that your Change of Campus has been or will be approved. Accepting the HFS Contract offer does not guarantee that your Change of Campus will be approved.