student standing next to her boxed belongings

Storage Options

Students need to remove all personal items from University Housing when they check out. The University is not able to offer storage for students' personal belongings during the academic year or summer. The University has partnered with Storage Squad to provide a storage and shipping solution for students. 

Students may choose Storage Squad to store and/or ship items during the summer or while on study abroad. Storage Squad accepts reservations online and offers packing supplies (boxes and tape), pick-up, and delivery storage services to both on- and off-campus housing, as well as domestic shipping via UPS Ground Service. Learn more about services offered through this 30-second video

The Storage Squad relationship benefits students and the University. The Association of Residence Hall Students (ARHS) receives annual financial support from this relationship, which enables ARHS to provide events and student services to students within the residence halls. Students are not obligated to select Storage Squad as their storage solution and may utilize other companies. Questions regarding the Storage Squad relationship can contact the University Housing Office at 814-865-7543.

More Information

Storage Pricing

Stored items are priced individually, based on size per storage terms (for example, summer, semester, or a 4-month term). Storage Squad offers a price estimating tool at

Summer Storage

At the end of spring semester, students can take advantage of summer storage with Storage Squad. Once a student signs up for service at, they will pick up boxes and packing tape from their area Housing Operations Office. The student will pack and label all items, then simply leave everything stored in their room. Storage Squad will pick up belongings after the semester has ended. Storage Squad will deliver items before the student returns to campus in the fall semester. 

Deadline to sign up for service: April 27

Fall Semester Early Delivery

Students who live on campus and have a contract with Storage Squad can utilize the "Pre-Arrival Delivery" option. This is an early-delivery option, where Storage Squad is escorted by University staff into the residence halls, and will deliver items to students' rooms prior to the beginning of fall semester. Other storage companies are not permitted to deliver items to University Housing before fall semester starts or without the student available as an escort.

Summer-to-Fall Storage

Students who live on campus during Summer Session II may have the opportunity to store items in their fall semester room assignment at the end of Summer Session. Learn more about summer-to-fall storage process.