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Parents & Families

We Are . . . Penn State! And our Penn State community includes parents and families of our resident students. As your son or daughter experiences the uniqueness of campus living at University Park, we want to keep you in the loop.  

Send a Treat

Find out about sending a care package to your student—your son or daughter will love these treats from the Penn State Bakery!

Important Dates
Mailing Address

Keep in touch with your student via mail. Be sure to use the correct mailing address for their residence hall. 

ID+ Card

The Penn State id+ Card is your student's access to multiple functions on campus - LionCash, secure banking, and their way into sporting events, concerts, residence halls, dining commons, and more.


Deposit LionCash funds into your student's account.

FERPA Confidentiality

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records. It can also affect your student’s housing contract. 

Parents Program

Welcome to the Penn State Parents Program—we want to be partners with you to ensure your student’s success and stay in touch with you—from your first campus visit to that proud graduation day.

Room & Board Payments

The Office of the Bursar is the place to go to pay room and board and tuition bills.

Financial Aid

For more information on financial aid options visit

Are You Ready for Arrival?

This guide is filled with everything you need to know before and during your arrival at Penn State.