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LiveOn with us for Summer

Current Students

Step 1: Schedule summer courses in LionPATH

Incoming first-year students who are offered admission to start in summer will receive a summer Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract through the Admissions process.

Current Penn State students who plan to take summer classes are eligible to live on campus once they have scheduled classes through the Registrar and have an active LionPATH account.

Students who are not able to leave campus for extenuating circumstances may request on-campus housing, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case situation.

Step 2: Review room and board rates and housing options available

Only certain housing options are offered during the summer.

Take time to review which housing options are available for summer sessions and the associated room and board rates

The summer Campus Meal Plan is only available at level one. Any remaining dining dollars at the end of summer will be transferred to your active fall Campus Meal Plan. If you do not return to campus for the fall semester, any remaining dining dollars are forfeited.

Step 3: Submit a Summer / Break Housing Request through eLiving

Current Penn State students can submit a Summer / Break Housing Request through eLiving.

The Housing Assignment Office may contact you with any questions about your request. 

If your request is approved, you will receive an email notification of the HFS Contract offer - accept the HFS Contract offer in eLiving before deadline date. You can then indicate your preferences for housing option and roommate on the HFS Contract.

Step 4: Check your Room Assignment

Summer room assignments will be posted in eLiving approximately 2 weeks before the session begins. 

Step 5: Move in & LiveOn

Visit the Arrival website to learn more about moving into your room, including the move-in schedule, check-in locations, and checklists to help you plan and get packed.

Incoming First-Year Students

New first-year students admitted for summer will automatically accept the Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract for both summer and fall during the process of accepting the offer of admission to Penn State through the MyPennState page. If a student changes his/her enrolled semester AFTER accepting the offer, please contact the Housing Assignment Office to request a summer HFS Contract. HFS Contracts can be viewed in eLiving to verify. Students will be able to indicate housing and roommate preferences before the modification deadline of noon May 15.

All room assignments are processed in random order, and there is no guarantee that a student will be assigned to the preference indicated on the HFS Contract.

All students will be assigned to a double room, renovated residence hall, in East Halls for summer session. The East Food District will be open for services. Information about moving items to the student's fall room assignment after summer session ends will be provided mid-July.

Campus Meal Plan

On-campus residents will have the benefit and convenience of the Campus Meal Plan for summer. The summer Campus Meal Plan is offered at a level 1 (level 2 and 3 are not an option). Remaining dining dollars at the end of summer will be transferred to a student's active fall Campus Meal Plan. If a student does not return to campus for the fall semester, any remaining dining dollars are forfeited.