Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract Summary

The eLiving Summary page displays a student's status related to the student's HFS Contract(s). HFS Contracts can be viewed, accepted, or updated by clicking the name of the HFS Contract prior to the Contract Modification Deadline or Contract Expiration Date (as indicated on the HFS Contract).

HFS Contracts statuses:

  • Offered: A HFS Contract has been offered and must be accepted prior to the Expiration Date. The student will need to indicate preferences and agree to the HFS Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations before the offer expiration date.

  • Expired: The HFS Contract offer has expired, and the student will not be able to accept the offer. Expired HFS Contracts cannot be reoffered.

  • Accepted: The HFS Contract has been accepted by the student, and the student is now legally-bound to the HFS Contract and living on campus for the academic term of the HFS Contract.  

  • Canceled: If a student is no longer attending Penn State, the student may Request Contract Cancellation. If approved, the HFS Contract will then be cancelled.