Loaner Room Keys

Students who need to request a loaner room key can now submit a Loaner Key Request through eLiving! The ability to utilize the eLiving system to manage loaner room key requests provides several benefits for students and staff: eliminates use of several thousand pieces of paper, reduces storage needs for record retention, provides a streamlined process and better reporting tools, and offers friendly reminders to students when loaner keys are due back. Plus, students will not have to wait while staff fill out a paper form and then sign - all information will be captured in the system! Students can also request a temporary ID and indicate if a lock change is required.

Loaner Room Key Process

  • In eLiving, select Loaner Key Request under the "My Info" tab
  • Review the Terms & Conditions, select "Request Key" and click "I agree"
  • If applicable, indicate if you require a temporary ID and/or a lock change
  • Opt to sign up for a text reminder!
  • Visit your housing area Commons Desk and staff will be able to release the loaner room key
  • Confirm receipt of loaner key

Students have two hours to utilize the loaner room key and return it to the Commons Desk.

***Failure to return the loaner room key in the allotted time frame will result in a core change, which costs $64 per core. Some housing areas have more than one core (for example, Nittany Apartments).