ROAR House - Return to Use Protocol

In an abstinence-only recovery environment, Return to Use means that use of an addictive substance, no matter how short-term, is not permitted.  ROAR House Community Living Agreement regulation #6 states:  ROAR House residents will not conceal their own return to use or knowledge of other residents’ return to use.  Rather, they are obliged to report such uses within 24 hours to a CRC staff member.  At such times, the “Return to Use Protocol” will be initiated. 

The following procedures will be implemented without undue delay upon the receipt of a report of return to use:

  1. The Program Coordinator and Residence Life staff will conduct a review of the information obtained and determine if a student conduct referral will be made.
  2. If a student conduct referral is made, the conduct case will be adjudicated by the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response or a designated signatory.
  3. If a student is found responsible for a drug or alcohol related violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the case manager will determine if room reassignment will be assigned as a conduct sanction and sanction the student to meet with the Return to Use Panel.
  4. Should a Student Conduct Referral not be made, The Return to Use Panel will convene and review all relevant information. The Return to Use Panel will chaired by the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, and includes the CRC Program Coordinator, the CRC Assistant Program Coordinator, and, when available, the Program Assistant of ROAR House.

If it is determined that the behavior violated the Community Living Agreement then a special Return to Use Panel will determine whether to either:

  • Assign the offending student resident to probationary status during which time the student must resume abstinence and demonstrate a renewed commitment to recovery and may be required to abide by the terms of a special contract, the terms of which will be specified in writing. 
  • Or, recommendation a reassignment the offending student resident to another living situation, at which time the office of residence life will conduct an administrative move.
  • In the case of a tie in any vote put to members of the Panel, the Director of Health Promotion and Wellness will have the final determination.