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LiveOn with us for 2022-2023

The University is pleased to provide on-campus housing in South Halls for Panhellenic Sorority Chapters at Penn State. The sororities contribute greatly to the campus and town communities through many philanthropic activities.

Each sorority chapter has an identified floor in a renovated residence hall in South Halls, with each floor housing between 26-33 students. Students are assigned to double-occupancy rooms. Individual, private-use bathrooms are available on each floor, along with a dedicated sorority chapter suite that includes a living room and kitchenette for exclusive use by chapter members. A large meeting room is also available on the first floor. 

Students living in chapter housing will accept a specific sorority chapter Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract. 

Housing Process

Step 1: Housing Decision

Sorority chapter housing on campus focuses on housing students during their first year of membership.

Students interested in sorority chapter housing should consider their housing plans to determine which course of action to take:

  1. Students who want to live on campus for the next academic year, whether or not they are assigned to sorority chapter housing, should participate in the current students housing process. Students should Request Housing in October; in November invitations are sent out and students can review housing options, select a space, and create/accept a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract offer.  

    If a student is invited to live on the sorority chapter floor after recruitment ends, the student's HFS Contract will be converted to the sorority chapter contract and a room assignment will be processed. No further action is required by the student.

  2. Students who are only interested in living in sorority chapter housing (meaning, they do not want to live on campus in any housing option unless it is for sorority chapter housing) should not participate in the current students housing process.

    Students who are then invited to live on the sorority chapter floor will receive a HFS Contract offer in early February, which the student needs to accept before the offer expiration date, and then a room assignment will be processed. 

If a student does not have a HFS Contract and is not selected to live in chapter housing, the student can still live on campus! The student will need to Request Housing in eLiving prior to noon January 31 to be eligible for the February invitation process. All students who Request Housing will be invited to live on campus.

If a student misses the Request Housing deadline, the student can add their name to the On-Campus Housing Waitlist in eLiving; HFS Contract offers will be made late-February through the beginning of fall semester.

Step 2: Accept your HFS Contract

Students who already accepted a HFS Contract and are selected to live on the chapter floor will have their HFS Contract updated to the sorority chapter by the Housing Assignment Office; no further action is required by the student

Students who do not already have an accepted HFS Contract and are selected to live on the chapter floor will be offered a HFS Contract for sorority chapter housing in February.  Students need to accept the offer before the expiration date as they will not be reoffered once expired:

  1. The student will receive an email with the HFS Contract Offer, which is available in eLiving in the Shopping Cart
  2. Click the ‘Begin Contract Signing Process’ button to view and read the HFS Contract and Terms, Conditions, and Regulations (TCRs)
  3. Check the box to indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the TCRs.
  4. Type your name to electronically sign the HFS Contract.
  5. Click the ‘Accept Contract’ button.

Be sure to read the fine print for your HFS Contract before you accept - once you accept the HFS Contract, you are legally bound to live on campus for the specified semester(s). If a student is not selected to live on the chapter floor, the student will be assigned based on the housing option of the HFS Contract that the student accepted. The HFS Contract cannot be canceled for a student to live off campus.

Step 3: Room Assignment

After the sorority recruitment process concludes in January, each sorority chapter will identify members who will live in Chapter Housing and provide a list of roommate pairs and specific room assignments to the Housing Assignment Office.

If a student accepts a HFS Contract for Chapter Housing, but then disaffiliates from the sorority, the student will be reassigned to another housing option by the Housing Assignment Office.

Room assignments will be posted in July.


Step 4: Move in & LiveOn

Visit our Arrival website to learn more about moving into your room, including the move-in schedule, check-in locations, and checklists to help you plan.

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility for a student to receive a Housing and Food Service (HFS) Contract for a sorority chapter's housing space on the chapter floor is determined by the sorority chapter's Sorority Assistant, within the guidelines established in the Sorority Chapter Terms, Conditions, and Regulations. A list of all eligible members to reside on the chapter's floor must be submitted to the Housing Assignment Office by the deadline date. Sorority Chapters must adhere to the Sorority Timeline for the housing process, which has specific dates that are relative to the sorority process.

Room Changes

If a vacancy exists on the sorority floor and there are no members to move into that space, the Sorority Assistant will be notified that room assignments may need to be consolidated and independent students (not affiliated with the chapter) may be assigned to the space.

Sorority members may use the Room Exchange eBoard in eLiving to process room changes during the advertised times that the eBoard is available. Sorority members may only switch rooms with other sorority members with the same type of Housing Contract. Sorority members assigned to medical rooms can only switch rooms with other sorority members assigned to medical rooms.

Refer to the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations related to the Sorority Chapters for additional details about the Housing Process.

Anchor Destination

Terms Conditions and Regulations

Sorority members are obligated to the HFS Contract Terms, Conditions, and Regulations.

Sorority Chapters must adhere to the Terms, Conditions, and Regulations for Sorority Housing.