Upper-Class Students: Request On-Campus Housing

Instructions for current Penn State students to request on-campus housing at University Park for the next academic year.

Request Housing

  • Eligible students will participate in the LiveOn Housing Process during the established housing process timeline
  • Step 1: Request housing:
    • Login to eLiving
    • Select Contracts > Request Housing
    • Next to "University Park", click the "Request Now" button
  • You are now entered into the housing process! All students who Request Housing will receive an invitation to live on campus.
  • If you click the Cancel Request button after the Request Housing timeframe is closed, you will not be able to re-Request Housing! 

Before The Invitation Process Begins

You will want to review the different housing options that are available at University Park, as well as the associated room and board rates, so that you are prepared to select a housing option when you are invited to review space available. Some housing options will fill quicker than other options, you will want to have a list of housing options you are willing to accept.