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Housing: Conference Services

Conference Services Overview

Penn State Housing and Food Services is pleased to host a variety of University Sponsored Groups* during the summer months (mid-May to July). Sponsored groups live in University housing facilities and enjoy meals in food service operations across campus.

Housing is conveniently located on campus and within walking distance of computer labs, classroom buildings, dining, and recreational facilities. The Conference Services division will assist Conference Planners and determine needs for housing and food services for their program guests. Conference Planners will choose from a variety of housing options, such as traditional residence halls, renovated residence halls, suites, and apartments. Food service operations are available to fit the needs of each group.

*A group is categorized as sponsored when a Penn State department, unit, or college is hosting the group and covering the costs of housing and food. The University is not able to provide services to a non-sponsored group or bill separately.

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Conference Services

Conference and Summer Camp Participants

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Conference Planners information

Ready to request housing for your group? Please visit our Conference and Summer Camp Planners page for detailed information.