White Course Apartment Lease


All residents living in White Course Apartments with a lease are bound to follow the White Course Apartment Lease, Lease Supplement Information (below), Terms, Conditions, and Regulations (TCRs), and the Student Code of Conduct. Residents are fully responsible for any and all actions and/or misconduct by household members, guests, and visitors.

Lease Supplement Information

All members of the household must be listed on the primary tenant’s White Course Apartment Lease and are entitled to the same access to most family programs, services, and facilities. Official documentation of an individual's relationship with the primary tenant may be required. The primary tenant is responsible for submitting changes of household members through the term of the lease (such as additions, deletions, or changes) to the White Course Housing Office within ten (10) business days of the change. The primary tenant may check out an apartment key for each individual on the lease over the age of 10, up to the maximum occupancy of the apartment. No keys can be checked out for individuals who not listed on the primary tenant's lease.

All members of the household over the age of ten (10) are eligible to receive Penn State id+ Card or an affiliate ID card from the University's id+ Card Office. The majority of apartments have a card access security system that requires use of the Penn State id+ Card to gain access to the building; eligible tenants on the primary tenant's lease will be given such access.

Children under the age of ten (10) must be supervised at all times. Children over the age of ten (10) who violate policy, cause damage to the facility, or are not following the directions of staff members will be escorted home. Children and their parents will receive one warning and a second incident will result in a loss in the privilege to be unsupervised in the apartment community.

A variance to this policy may be submitted, in writing, to the Housing Assignment Office, for special circumstances.